Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Plastic on the cold frames

Our cold frames have donned their winter coats and are keeping toasty. Today, with the help of some willing volunteers and my intern Breanna, the row cover fabric that was covering them has been replaced with a thick plastic. The plastic will help keep temperatures inside the tunnels a good 10 degrees warmer, ensuring a good growing environment. We chose today to put on the plastic when the forecast called for -10 to -20 temperatures tonite. Yikes. Bundle up everyone, here comes the deep chill.


  1. I wish you hadn't done that. You know you're just encouraging this cold weather to stick around and bring more snow!

    Guess I'm in denial that winter is here. Keeping expecting one more day in the 50s or 60s to appear.

  2. Brr! Hope the plants under the plastic made it through... How goes spring/summer planting? ~Kate from YourGardenShow

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