Thursday, November 19, 2009

Waiting for the freeze

I hope that all of you are finishing with raking leaves and prepping your beds for winter. I hope that as we come to the very end of the growing season that you, like me, are evaluating all the great and wonderfuls that happened this summer, along with all the things we can do better next year.

I am in the process of inputting all the data from the summer, taking a hard look at how our intern and volunteer programs worked and starting to dream about what to plant next year.

If you have volunteered with us, I thank you deeply. We cannot do the work without you, whether it is shoveling compost or mulch or helping to build our cold frames. I am so grateful for all of those that came with smiles to help us make the farm this year. I am looking for feedback for how your experience at the farm was, and am very open to any ideas or suggestions you may have for me.

If you have the chance come by and see our cold frames that are at ground level. Take a peek underneath them, they are getting green and gorgeous under that row cover fabric!!

Thanks again for all your hard work and I hope to see you next season!!

1 comment:

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