Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stepanie asked some very good questions about the growing system, and here are the answers:

All the shelving and light fixtures are from Costco. The shelves are great because you can hang the lights from the rungs above and they are on casters, makes it easy for moving around!

For the lights, I would recommend using one "cool" (blue-ish light) and one "hot" light (yellow-ish light) in each fixture. This allows for a more realistic interpretation of sunlight. The bulbs can be bought at Home Depot and it's easy to tell the difference.

Let me know what other questions you may have. When the planting trays arrive I'll post with all that info too!

I plan on being a little more organized and proactive about including how-to's as we go along, that is what we are here for anyway; sharing! Thanks Stephanie!

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